Impact Program

Transition Solutions Enterprises, Inc. clearly recognizes the need that has been created in the larger population by our many veterans who are returning from the latest two wars. As well as their incarcerated counterparts, they are faced with the same unavoidable issues of employment and housing. The vision of this company has allowed us to make several observations of the veteran’s world following service and incarceration:

  • Jobs are unavailable to veterans and ex-offenders at a rate higher than the national average.
  • There are national legislative and social efforts underway in federal, state and local governments to address the plight of veterans after their return from service and incarceration.
  • States, country wide are developing programs to assist with the return and establishment of reentry community organizations because it is a budget-wise alternative to $25,000 annual per offender costs.
  • The cost of social services to local budgets (unemployment, welfare) are eliminated because ex-offenders are employed.
  • Public Safety efforts are enhanced due to reduction in criminally associated activities.
  • Literature and statistics show that the 2 most important elements critical to preventing failure is maintaining employment and suitable housing.


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