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Making Reentry Successful

Our Mission

The mission of Transition Solutions Enterprises, Inc is to reduce recidivism among previously incarcerated veterans and other citizens through education, counseling and support.

Our Vision

The vision of Transition Solutions Enterprises, Inc is to provide a national model of programs and services to support the successful reentry of citizens from incarceration and conflict. Our programs are uniquely designed to address the needs of veterans, and other citizens as well as their families to combat homelessness, incarceration and recidivism as they transition back into their local and global community. Our programs include leading-edge vocational and technological training that not only provides support to participants and their families, but also their communities; thereby meeting the needs of both in a holistic and sustainable manner. 

Reentry Success Being Realized

Much effort and many tax payers dollars have been placed into reentry preparation to equip each returning citizen with the skills for coping and living in the many communities they return to. Our cutting edge approach, designed for success, showcases elements that build on the progress made by Virginia’s Reentry Initiative (VARI). We also serve the Veterans Reentry Service Program (VRS) that identifies the next steps that are necessary to make this return successful and reduce the rate of failure, thus avoiding the return to prison. Thus, this new approach has been launched to eliminate recidivism.

If we can teach and prepare our returning citizens, then the rate of successful reentry increases greatly!


    Impact Program

    Transition Solutions Enterprises, Inc. clearly recognizes the need that has been created in the larger population by our many veterans who are returning from the latest two wars.

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    Veteran's Programs

    The VRS Program is the primary program of TSE Inc. Its purpose is to provide both housing and employment immediately upon the return to community

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