Eric Paul

President and Founder

Mr. Paul works directly with our executive team to provide new market initiatives, outreach, research and assessment of operations, and analyzes new business and community opportunities. Mr. Paul is a Navy veteran and has over 25 years of law enforcement, community policing, and public outreach expertise. His career includes serving as a Correctional Officer and attendance at Virginia State University, Southern Maryland College and certifications at Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy. He has been instrumental in developing the concept that focuses on the needs of returning veterans.

Rachel Maddux

Director of Operations

Dr. Rachel R. Maddux – Dr. Maddux has over thirty years of experience in the public sector.  She has served as a fiscal administrator managing a budget of over $40 million; and as an Executive Director of a residential facility with over 4,000 residents, more than 200 staff members, and an operating budget of over $30 million.  Prior to retiring, Rachel also served as a grant writer and researcher at Virginia Commonwealth University.